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The founder and proprietor is Kaiwan N Billimoria.
Kaiwan is an Information Technology engineer who has been in the
software industry for over 16 years now. Upon graduating, he worked at software companies in Bangalore where he cut his teeth writing professional embedded firmware code for DOS and
application and system code on Unix, among other areas.

A passion for teaching was fulfilled during a stint at the erstwhile Digital Equipment (India), where he started training engineers from various companies on Unix technologies.

Soon after, Designer Graphix became a reality. In the early days, Designer Graphix provided
multimedia services (including architectural walkthroughs) and then, web design services. We still carry this forward through our highly regarded partner concern FIRSTusable.

Kaiwan rediscovered Linux back in 1997 and it was love at first sight. Over the years he has built a high level of expertise (within the system programming and X/MOTIF areas) on Linux. He strongly believes in the "get your hands dirty", "show me the code" philosophy. Over the last two years, Kaiwan has become an active contributor to a few opensource projects. He has contributed two device drivers into the mainline Linux kernel and is currently contributing to the OpenMoko GLS (GPS Location Based Services) project.

Kaiwan now divides his time between taking up high-end corporate training assignments,
consulting assignments (largely within the embedded Linux domain) and opensource software
development contribution. Obviously, the skill, experience and expertise gained in the latter two translate automatically into very high quality training sessions.


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